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UX Design

Mobile App Prototype

mobile app

Months ‘Til Broke is a financial app designed to give gig workers and freelancers an overview of their income and expenses since their income varies from month to month. The app idea was based on a Microsoft Excel sheet that was too difficult for most people to use and understand. The app allows users to enter their bank and credit card balances, record expenses, and run scenarios based on income or expense changes to determine if they would remain financially stable to end up broke.

The app design uses a humorous approach to make finances less intimidating.

Demo Prototype

Mobile App Prototype

Jean + Lou Mobile App

Jean + Lou, a women’s boutique clothing shop, wanted a mobile app to attract and retain customers. They were aware of some difficulties users faced when ordering from their website. The objective of the project was to create a mobile app to improve sales and increase customer satisfaction. Competitive analysis, user research, usability testing, wireframing, prototyping, final mockups, and a complete case study were created for the project.

Demo Prototype

Online interviews were conducted with 10 different customers across a range of ages. The assumption was that most customers preferred in-store shopping since this client is a local shop. It was also assumed that the website provided limited offerings and customers were missing out on all available items and sales. The research revealed that older customers enjoyed in-store shopping but younger shoppers preferred shopping online. It also revealed that while older customers felt they missed sales, it was not based on the website, since they weren’t assessing the website regularly. Young shoppers were frustrated with the lack of color choices and images depicting clothing on various-sized models.

My goal was to present products in a way that made it convenient for the shopper while highlighting sales and providing easy access to other app features.

paper wireframes

Digital Wireframes

The ability to see if an item was available in multiple colors was a key user need.


Assessing whether an item will fit correctly was a key user need.

wireframe 2

A Find My Size feature was added in lieu of photos of different body types.

Find My Size

Database Management System

Berks Obits needed a way to manage the collection of daily obituaries, assign them to corresponding funeral homes, and review entries before posting to websites.

The Filemaker Pro solution starts with a menu page, providing easy navigation to all sections of the system. Users can select a specific funeral home or browse through all of them. The landing screen for each funeral home features a web browser, which auto loads the obituary page from the funeral home’s website, allowing users to view new entries and compare them against existing ones in the listview on the layout. New obituaries can easily be entered from this screen via a pop-over window.

Once all the entries have been made for the day, a review script flags any duplicates before proceeding to upload.

The system also features a series of reports that compare statistics across funeral homes and provide cumulative Facebook engagement figures.